Be ready to show your campus I.D. when using your bus pass

Starting Monday, November 12, bus drivers may be requesting UW employee bus pass holders present a valid UW Wiscard or UW Health/Hospital ID when boarding the bus and using their pass. Employees with UW affiliate organizations may present an affiliate employee ID.  Metro Transit staff is addressing concerns that have been raised regarding the fraudulent use of its various unlimited ride passes.  UW Madison employee bus passes are non-transferable. Passes that are transferred to an unauthorized user will not be replaced. Madison Metro may request proof of employment identification at any time, but be aware that they will be asking more frequently in the coming days and weeks.  Riders boarding the free campus bus routes will not be required to present their pass or identification.

UW employees and UW Health employees whose passes are confiscated because they forgot their id may receive a replacement pass from any Transportation Services office during full service hours for $20 ( ). In addition Metro drivers will provide a one day (same day use) pass upon confiscation.

New or replacement Wiscards are available at room 149 Union South ( ).

For more information please call Madison Metro at 266-4466 or email or visit