Coping with the climate: Can Wisconsin farmers adapt?

Climate change presents a conundrum to Wisconsin farmers as they’re forced to adapt to wild swings in the weather. But the reality is that they’re already adapting to climate change, just as they’ve adjusted to so many other challenges. They’re planting earlier. Schedules for vegetable canneries and cranberry harvest have shifted later to reflect consistently warmer autumns. Even the USDA plant hardiness zone map was updated this year, showing Wisconsin a half-zone warmer than in 1990.

Coping with the Climate, a feature story in the fall 2012 issue of Grow magazine, looks at the potential impact of climate change on the state’s farm sector, how Wisconsin farmers feel about the issue, how they’re responding and how CALS research can help them adapt. Among CALS faculty quoted in the article are Chris Kucharik, Joe Lauer, Shawn Conley, A.J. Bussan, Rebecca Harbut and Molly Jahn.