Non-Federal Funding Opportunities

American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine Foundation
Rational HVAC Standards for Animal Housing Rooms (LOI due Dec 6)

Research Grants in Laboratory Animal Science and Medicine (LOI due Dec 6)

Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy
Experiment Station Award for Excellence in Multistate Research (Nomination due Feb 28)

Mind and Life Institute
Contemplative Studies Fellowship (Proposal due Jan 15)

United States-Isreal Binational Science Foundation
Prof. Rahamimoff Travel Grants (Application due Dec 6)

UW Foundation
Lily’s Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship (Application due Nov 15)

UW System
Applied Research Grant (Proposal due Jan 14)

Vilas Associate Competition (Nomination due Nov 9)

Spring Fellowships Competition (Nomination due Dec 7)

WI Groundwater Coordinating Council
Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program (Proposal due Nov 14)

WI Humanities Council
Major Grants (Proposal due Dec 15)

WI Soybean Marketing Board
2013 Request for Proposals (Proposal due Jan 4)