Plant sciences grad students’ symposium a big success

The Plant Sciences Graduate Student Council (PSGSC) held their second annual symposium on Friday, September 28th. This year’s theme, “Emerging Trends and Paradigm Shifts in Plant Breeding,” was met with huge success.

This student-run symposium was a year-long endeavor for the council, which comprises of graduate students in the departments of agronomy, horticulture, and plant breeding and genetics. All of the council’s efforts culminated in a day-long symposium that inspired conversations ranging from sustainable disease resistance, promoting an international perspective of the plant sciences and food security, functionalizing the genome of strawberry, genetic changes in maize, to modeling genotype by environment interactions in genomic selection.

Registered attendance at the symposium exceeded 150 people. Beyond those registered attendants, approximately 110 people from around the world accessed a live webcasting of the event. Those tuning into the webcasting came from locations near and far, including elsewhere in Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Delaware, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, and Indonesia.

Presentations and discussions from the symposium can still be viewed via on-demand webcasting. To access, please visit the PSGSC website at

Please contact the council at if you want to participate in future council activities, become involved in the council, or have any other questions.