This is how we like to see research reported

Research gets reported in a variety of ways, but some staff members in the Dean’s office are partial to a method employed recently by staff and students working on a couple of horticulture projects. A pair of interns from the West Madison Agricultural Research Station delivered a basket overflowing with grapes and a bottle of Wisconsin wine, artfully arranged and garnished with flowers. Attached was a note explaining that the grapes—ten varieties, all labeled— are from the Seedless Table Grape Project that was implemented in the summer of 2007. They were grown this sumer by staff and interns from the University Display Gardens at the West Madison station, including Brian Emerson, Judy Reith-Rozelle, Jenna Lind, Felipe Gacharna, Thomas Hickey, Megan Meyers, Adam Prugh and Justin Schabow.

A note attaced to the wine described the Cold Hardy Wine Grape Research project, which will someday expand the wine grape cultivars available to Wisconsin wineries and grape growers. The work is being conducted at three Agricultural Research Stations under the guidance of Rebecca Harbut, Assistant Professor of Horticulture.

CALS administrative personnel have been evaluating the research results. Every variety is excellent. It’ going to be hard to go back to store-bought grapes.