CALS offer new field course on managed grazing systems

A new field course focused on managed grazing systems has been added to the CALS curriculum. The 1-credit Agronomy Experimental Course 375, Managed Grazing Practicum, will be taught by Dick Cates, senior lecturer in soil science and director of the Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers. Cates developed the course with the assistance of faculty in agronomy, dairy science, animal sciences and other departments.

“This is a course for students who are interested in developing a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of managed grazing systems, and how these farming systems may contribute to the economic sustainability and diverse tapestry of Wisconsin’s working landscape,” according to the course description.

Students will visit managed grazing operations across south-central cWisconsin as well as research sites at the Arlington or Lancaster Agricultural Research Stations and the Discovery Farms Program, and be introduced to CALS/UWEX pasture forage/nutrient management planning and budgeting software.

For more information, see the course description or contact Cates at or 608-265-6437.