CALS in the News for the Week of July 23-27

In the News

UW-Madison receives $7M grant for manure conversion projects
Wisconsin State Journal 7/25/2012
Quoted: John Markley, Biochemistry

Madison prepares for ‘inevitable’ emerald ash borer invasion
Wisconsin State Journal 7/22/2012
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Entomology

Food Explainer: Why Is Cheese Yellow When Milk Is White?
Slate 7/26/2012
Mentioned: Mark Johnson, Center for Dairy Research

UW System protests federal cuts to minority scholarship program
Wisconsin State Journal 7/22/2012
Quoted: Juan Zalapa, Horticulture

Two-toed sloths’ ‘lazy’ sex life revealed
BBC 7/24/2012
Quoted: Zach Peery & Jonathan Pauli, Forest & Wildlife Ecology

You could have guessed it, but sloths are typically lazy when it comes to sex – although they will indulge in some swinging
Daily Mail 7/24/2012
Quoted: Zach Peery, Forest & Wildlife Ecology

Mud-Slinging Enters Debate Over Ethanol’s Impact on Gasoline Prices
The New York Times 7/20/2012
Mentioned: Xiaodong Du, Agricultural & Applied Economics

Making The Case For Beets
NPR 7/11/2012
Mentioned: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture

WALSAA to Honor 40 Individuals Who Had Biggest Impact
Wisconsin Ag Connection 7/23/2012
Mentioned: WALSAA

Animal Meat Lab
Mike Austin’s Ag Report 7/11/2012
Mentioned: UW-Madison Meat Lab

Corporate open house: For industry, UW-Madison is ‘one-stop shopping’
UW-Madison College of Engineering 7/18/2012
Quoted: Kate VandenBosch, Dean

Time to toot the ‘high tech’ horn
Wisconsin Radio Network 7/17/2012
Mentioned: CALS


Despite recent rains, expect mosquito-free summer to continue
The Cap Times 7/23/2012
Quoted: Phil Pellitteri, Entomology

Growing a green lawn means finding grasses that need less water
University Communications 7/27/2012
Quoted: Doug Soldat, Soil Science

Heat, drought make for potent peppers
Associated Press 7/20/2012
Quoted: Irwin Goldman & Jim Nienhuis, Horticulture

Soybeans respond to drought
Podcals (audio) 7/20/2012
Featured: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Undersander: the alfalfa crop in dry weather
Podcals (audio) 7/27/2012
Featured: Dan Undersander, Agronomy

Severe Drought Seen as Driving Cost of Food Up
The New York Times 7/25/2012

DNR Says Temporary Irrigation Rule is Already Helping Producers
Wisconsin Ag Connection 7/26/2012

Irrigation & Water Management Workshop Planned
Wisconsin Ag Connection 7/24/2012

Of Interest

Happy Birthday to the Morrill Act
Forbes 7/25/2012