Call for proposals: Undergraduate Initiative funds to support educational innovation

Each year, CALS receives from the Office of the Provost an allocation of funds to support Undergraduate Initiatives and Program Development (this is separate from and pre-dates the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates). Over time, these funds have been used in CALS to support teaching assistantships and to fill key resource gaps (such as lab expenses for some courses) as well as a variety of other, smaller projects and initiatives.

Because CALS was fortunate to receive 8 FTE of teaching assistantships from the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates starting in 2010, this new influx of resources frees up a significant portion of Undergraduate Initiative & Program Development funds for other purposes.

For 2012-13, the CALS UI/PD allocation will primarily be used as seed money for projects that meet the spirit of Educational Innovation.  Proposals may be submitted to at any time throughout the year, but an initial allocation will be made by the start of the Fall 2012 semester, based on proposals received by August 10, 2012.  In order to allow the capacity to support good ideas that may not emerge until later in the academic year, not all of these funds will be allocated at the start of the academic year, but will instead be held in reserve for use later in the fiscal year.

A template for proposals is available here.  Proposals may address curricular structure, content, delivery, or administration, or other related issues that meet the goals of EI.  Collaborative proposals that include or benefit multiple departments or units (within or beyond CALS) are particularly encouraged.

Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to consult with me or with Prof. Brad Barham (AAE), who has agreed to serve as CALS Director of Educational Innovation, prior to submitting proposals.

  Sarah Pfatteicher, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs