From the Allen Gardens to a job in the big leagues

You get your first inkling of the care Michael Boettcher gives the grass in Miller Park right before he steps onto it: He pauses to knock the soil off of his shoes. In the big leagues, details matter. An errant bit of soil could divert a grounder, extend an inning and maybe change the game. As grounds manager for the Milwaukee Brewers, Boettcher can’t let that happen.

When Boettcher started as a CALS freshman ten years ago, he had no plans to get into the sports turf business—let alone at the major league level. But then he began volunteering in the Allen Centennial Gardens to fulfill a requirement for Horticulture 120. He enjoyed the work so much he switched his major to horticulture, where he found out about an internship with the Brewers’ grounds team.

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