CALS in the News for the Week of June 4-8

In the News

Helping China produce more milk will boost U.S. dairy exports to China, experts say
University Communications 6/7/2012
Quoted: Ed Jesse, Agricultural & Applied Economics
Mentioned: Karen Nielsen, Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development
Mentioned: Kathryn VandenBosch, Dean

Seely on Science: UW professor disputes deer czar’s findings
Wisconsin State Journal 6/8/2012
Quoted: Tim Van Deelen, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

New university study: Ethanol reduces gas prices by more than $1 in 2011
Wisconsin State Farmer 6/7/2012
Mentioned: Xiaodong Du, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Milk prices edge lower to usher in June Dairy Month
The Country Today 6/6/2012
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW dairy science team welcomes Dr. Amy Stanton
Agri-View 6/7/2012
Quoted: Amy Stanton, Dairy Science

Perspectives on conservation and utilizing no-till in the Pleasant Valley Watershed
Agri-View 6/7/2012
Quoted: Laura Ward Good, Soil Science

Reduced starch diets for dairy cows examined
Agri-View 6/7/2012
Quoted: Randy Shaver, Dairy Science

Improving feed efficiency and digestibility for reduced-starch rations
Agri-View 6/7/2012
Quoted: Randy Shaver, Dairy Science

UW-Madison food science students headed to finals
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 6/1/2012
Mentioned: Food Science Club

Tech and Biotech: Roche NimbleGen to cut staff, product line
Wisconsin State Journal 6/1/2012
Mentioned: Michael Sussman, Biochemistry
Mentioned: Fred Blattner, Genetics


Of Interest 

Corporations boost agricultural research funding
Associated Press 6/7/2012

Next Move for Senate Farm Bill?
Wisconsin Agriculturist 6/8/2012

FDA urged to rethink on antibiotics in animal feed
Reuters 6/5/2012

Science group finds drought-tolerant GMO corn lacking
Reuters 6/5/2012