Presentations on Best Practices for Academic Success

On Wednesday, May 9, at 12:00PM in Room 1111 Biotech/Genetics (425 Henry Mall), Greg Smith, Assistant Dean in the College of Letters and Sciences Student Academic Affairs, will be presenting information about the educational impact of Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGS), which will include data on how participation in FIGS has shown to affect student academic performance and attachment to the university. He will also describe the aspects of FIGS that create such positive results, with the hope of encouraging attendees to consider participating in the program, or incorporating these aspects into their daily work.

On Tuesday, May 15, at 12:00PM in Room 1360 Biotech/Genetics, Dr. Judith Harackiewicz from the Psychology Department will be sharing aspects of a pilot project she has engaged in her Psychology courses designed to enhance student motivation in STEM courses. Attendees will hear the background behind this project, and some preliminary observations of results.