New cameras help UWPD keep an eye on campus

Technology is a vital part of the physical and infrastructure security measures on the UW-Madison Campus and around the world. The UW-Madison Police Department Infrastructure Security (I.S.) division strives to provide recommendations to our campus partners that deliver a balance between standard physical security practices, and emerging technologies.

The UW-Madison Campus is currently transitioning from analog cameras to I.P. cameras. Some of the advantages of I.P. cameras vs. analog cameras are:Increased resolution – more megapixels per camera

  • Analytic software capable of providing alarming functions
  • Data compression – better picture, smaller file size
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) capabilities
  • Autofocus and back-focus, reduces the need to call in repair for an out of focus camera

Some of the disadvantages are:Increased cost for camera purchase.

  • Limitations on distance from camera to switch

POE does not provide adequate power for exterior cameras (Exterior cameras are equipped with a heater requiring an additional power source)
As you travel around campus, you may see cameras similar to the one pictured here. These cameras are placed throughout campus to act as both a deterrent to crime, and an investigative tool if a crime is committed.

The UW-Madison Police Department I.S. division can help your department determine the best location and camera type for your specific need. Feel free to contact us at to request a survey of your area.

By Lt. Clark Brunner, UW Police
(reprinted from Feb. 2012 Badger Beat)