CALS communicators Feb. 21: Free and fee-based campus sources of video, digital media, creative services and social media

The agenda has been set for the upcoming meeting of the CALS Communicators group, Feb. 21 from 9 – 10:30 a.m. in Union South (check TITU). First we’ll hear from Heidi Zoerb, CALS’ new Assistant Dean of External Relations and Advancement. Then we’ll have a panel of speakers about a wide variety of media/communications services—some fee-based and some free— available on campus. The panel includes: Don Fleischman, Director of Video Production at DoIT. DoIT Video Production offers: recording/streaming/archiving lectures; recording documentary-style interviews; promotional and informational videos; presentation design and assistance; photography.

  •  Josh Harder, Facility Manager of Digital Media Center. DMC offers: equipment for loan (video cameras, etc.); printing services; computer stations for digitizing VHS (and other) tapes; computer stations for scanning slides, documents, photos and transparencies; help with video editing, audio editing & website design; they also digitize audio, video and images and duplicate discs for the cost of materials.
  • Earl Madden, Art Director of Creative Services. Creative Services offers: ads; posters; print/electronic newsletters & brochures; website design.
  • Don Stanley, Faculty Associate in the Department of Life Sciences Communication. LSC offers: the department’s students can make videos, slideshows and podcasts. They can also assist/analyze departments’ social media efforts.