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From UWPD: Stay out of the road when you walk by SoHE construction

There always seems to be construction somewhere on campus. One current area that is under construction, and is of concern, is the School of Human Ecology on Linden Drive. Due to the space the construction company needs to safety do their job it is a must that pedestrians use the crosswalks and the sidewalk on the south side of Linden Drive.

UW- Madison Police Department has received complaints from concerned community members and from the construction crew.

It is not safe for pedestrians to walk in the road, as there are bicyclists, vehicles, construction trucks, and buses that need to use the already-narrow road to travel from east to west on Linden Drive. If you are a pedestrian in this area obey the signs and use the sidewalk on the south side of Linden Drive.

If you have questions about this area of concern please call or email Central Campus Community Officer Kristin Radtke at 265-6753 or