Kari Klitzman is new Babcock Dairy Store manager

Kari Klitzman began Monday, Aug. 22 as the new manager for the Babcock Dairy Store. She hails from a dairy farm near Belleville and worked her way through the graphic arts program at MATC. But working only an eight-hour shift in the graphics arts business wasn’t enough, so she turned to restaurants evenings and weekends for some extra activity. “I grew to like the food business and the customer service side of it,” Kari says. She reports that Babcock Dairy Store customers appear to be a happy bunch (and why not, with three new ice cream flavors introduced in her first week on the job). Her goals for the store? In addition to the ongoing challenges of keeping the store working smoothly, she hopes to improve the website and take on some other efforts to serve up a bit of education along with your scoop of ice cream.