For biomedical research animals, an ordinary trailer won’t suffice

The Arlington Agricultural Research Station has acquired a new, custom-built biomedical transport trailer  to meet the demands for moving swine intended for biomedical research. The trailer took its first road trip to New York City on August 21. A delivery to Missouri and multiple deliveries to Minnesota will take place before the end of September.

The Arlington Swine Research and Teaching Center, located on the Arlington Agricultural Research Station, supplies biomedical research animals to various UW facilities and research collaborators throughout the United States. Transportation guidelines for moving biomedical animals are far more stringent than for moving agricultural market animals. They called for increased ability to control temperature, more frequent animal monitoring, and additional documentation. These stringent guidelines assure the animals are healthy and uncompromised so experiments are as accurate as possible.

Exceptionally healthy animals, talented research expertise, and unique animal genetics have created an increased demand for these animals on and off of campus. The Reed Research Group,  in conjunction with the Arlington Swine Research and Teaching Center, and the Department of Animal Sciences, have designed and fabricated a trailer to transport biomedical swine between animal facilities on campus and across country.

The custom trailer has an on-board generator that supplies power to heaters, air conditioning units, HEPA ventilation fans, and a surveillance system.  Although the trailer is large enough to transport a large number of pigs the main purpose of the trailer is to provide quality transportation not quantity.

Trailer Specifications by the numbers:
.    Aluminum Gooseneck 7′ wide by 20′ long (belly) and 7′ height
.    10,000 watt Onan RV diesel generator
.    Three 15,000 BTU air conditioning units
.    Two 20,000 BTU Furnaces
.    One 300 CFM duel speed exhaust fan 6″
.    One 600 CFM variable speed HEPA filtered fan 10″
.    Two CCD Infared Cameras
.    Temperature & Relative Humidity real-time monitoring
.    Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Relative Humidity data loggers.
.    7 removable pens (4 removable center post)
.    8 two-way pop up roof vents