NIH Updated Electronic Forms coming July 22

NIH (as well as AHRQ, CDC, FDA, and NIOSH) announced last week that it will be releasing an updated electronic application formset, ADOBE-FORMS-B2, on July 22, 2011. Along with releasing the updated formset, NIH will reissue parent announcements for the R01, R03, and R21 type submissions.

Either the new parent announcements and the ADOBE-FORMS-B2 or the current parent announcements and ADOBE-FORMS-B1 may be used until January 7, 2012, although use of the new announcements and formset is strongly encouraged. As of January 8, 2012, the current parent announcements for the R01, R03, and R21 will expire and applicants MUST use the new announcements and the ADOBE-FORMS-B2.

The changes in the ADOBE-FORMS-B2 forms include:

  • New version of PHS 398 Modular Budget form to resolve an issue causing intermittend rejections of submissions at
  • New version of Budget Information for Construction Programs (SF-424C) form to fix errors related to optional data that were encountered by system-to-system users
  • New R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) form to increase the maximum allowable attachments from 10 to 30

For the full announcement from NIH and more details, please see: