Sarah Pfatteicher named Interim Associate Dean for UP&S

CALS assistant dean Sarah Pfatteicher is stepping up to serve as  Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Services, effective July 1. That move will provide the office with experienced and capable leadership, but it leaves an additional vacancy in an office that is already short-staffed, CALS Dean Bill Tracy noted in announcing the appointment.

“Sarah knows the operation inside and out and I know she will work with the UP&S staff to continue providing the outstanding service they offer our students,” he says.  “This change will leave Sarah’s current position open. This opening added to three other open positions means the group will be extremely short-handed for a month or two, so please be patient with your requests.  We are rebuilding the staff as rapidly as we can.”

The appointment represents a shift in the transition plan for UP&S. Professor John Stier of the Department of Horticulture, who had been slated to take over as interim associate dean, is leaving Madison to assume an associate dean position at the University of Tennessee.