Mark Rickenbach named to Wisconsin Council on Forestry

Gov. Walker has appointed Mark Rikenbach to the Wisconsin Council on Forestry. “The (WCF) is a diverse group of leaders in the forestry community who direct Wisconsin’s efforts to achieve sustainable forestry,” explains Rickenbach, professor and Extension specialists in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, who joined the board effective June 2011.

The council was created by State Statute 26.02 in July 2002 to advise the governor, legislature, the Department of Natural Resources, the Department of Commerce, and other state agencies, as determined appropriate by the council, on the following topics as they affect forests located in the state:

  • The protection of forests from fire, insects, and disease.
  • The practice of sustainable forestry, as defined in s. 28.04 (1) (e).
  • Reforestation and forestry genetics.
  • Management and protection of urban forests.
  • Increasing the public’s knowledge and awareness of forestry issues.
  • Forestry research.
  • Increasing the economic development of the forestry industry and employment in the forestry industry.
  • Marketing and use of forest products.
  • Legislation that impacts on the management of forest lands in this state.
  • Staffing and funding needs for forestry programs conducted by the state.
  • Recent initiatives…
  • Voluntary Best Management Guidelines for Invasive Species
  • Forest Sustainability Framework Project (Rickenbach led at request of Council)
  • Deer Impacts on Forest Ecology and Management
  • Statewide Forest Plan