Menu lets you write and collaborate ‘in the cloud’

Googleapps have been around for some time but offers a feature where you can use Google’s word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software–all highly compatible with their MS Office equivalents–while remaining in UW-Madison’s protected environment. This means that these googleapps meets UW requirements for privacy, copyright retention, nondisclosure and more. You have the convenience of having the documents live in the ‘cloud,’ accessible to you through the internet from any location and shared with anyone you designate, whether within the domain or not.

These are great for proposal-building with colleagues across campus or around the world as well as for student group writing projects. The history of the documents is also retained so that the individual versions can be inspected and compared. Features are largely self-explanatory, but DoIT knowledge base articles provide lots of self-help information.

And where do your documents really reside? On Google servers somewhere, in undisclosed locations around the world (the only place they promise us that they are not stored is Cuba, North Korea, and Iran.)

Phillip Barak, PhD
Professor, Soil Science
Interim IT Director, CALS