Encourage CALS students to join Climate Leadership Challenge – $50K prize

The Climate Leadership Challenge is one of the largest student green innovation competitions in the world, and it is only open to UW-Madison students!

The competition is a search for new, realistic solutions to the causes and impacts of climate change. We’re looking for ideas that can have a real impact–ideas that students can start with an $50K investment (the Grand Prize) if they win. We encourage interdisciplinary teams, and we are open to any kind of innovation — social, education, technological, etc.

Here is a link to our newest video flyer, which explains the basics in a minute and thirty seconds: And here is a link to a 5-minute “micro-documentary” from last year:

The goal is to solve real-world problems, and CALS students have the perfect background to address climate change problems in innovative ways.

When we talk about “solutions” we mean both mitigation and adaptation — anything that reduces the causes of climate change (reducing carbon emissions, increasing forests, incentivizing lower-energy choices, etc.) or anything that reduces the negative impacts of climate change (reducing vulnerability of coastal ecosystems, building response capacity for natural disasters, improving infrastructure, etc.)

The official call-for-proposals can be found here.

For more information, visit or contact CLC program manager Elizabeth Katt-Reinders at: