Worker Protection Standard training required for all UW employees who may come into contact with pesticides

The Worker Protection Standard (WPS ) is an EPA regulation designed to reduce the risk of employee exposures to agriculture pesticides.  The WPS pertains to almost all pesticide applications to agricultural plants in nurseries, forests, greenhouses and fields.  The WPS contains requirements for pesticide safety training, notification of pesticide applications, use of personal protective equipment, restricted entry intervals after pesticide applications, decontamination and emergency medical assistance.

Worker Protection Standard training is required for all UW employees, including researchers, technicians, students and others, who may come in contact with agriculture pesticides.  The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and Agricultural Research Stations Department routinely provides WPS training.  Once completed, the training requirements are met for a period of 5 years.

Those persons holding a current Pesticide Applicators Certification or License also have met the WPS training requirement and are authorized to provide the EPA approved WPS training to other employees.

For additional information on Worker Protection Standard Training, contact whichever of the following are appropriate for your activities:

  1. Fields, forests or plant nurseries contact Dwight Mueller, Ag Research Stations Director,, 608-262-2757 or Jeff Breuer, Arlington Ag Research Station,, 608-846-3761 ext 103.
  2. Greenhouses contact the Walnut Street Greenhouse Managers; Lynn Hummel, or Isaac Kabera,, phone 608-265-8053.
  3. Pesticide Applicator Training contact Roger Flashinski, Agronomy Department,  PAT Program, or 608-263-6358.
  4. EPA Website.

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