Time for student inventors to gear up for the Wisconsintrepreneur 100-hour Challenge

It’s time to get your students revved up for the 5th annual Wiscontrepreneur 100-hour Challenge. This is a fast, fun, challenging contest designed to test students’ entrepreneurial skills. Students have 100 hours to design, create, concept, build or otherwise invent an entrepreneurial venture or idea, using materials gathered from UW SWAP (Surplus with a Purpose). Winners receive cash prizes.

As in past years, the Challenge kicks off with a special SWAP sale in Sellery Hall on Wednesday Feb 16—but new this year, the event is partnering with Sector67, a local machine shop/hackerspace/ “maker space”, designed to provide work space for innovators interested in creating prototypes, artistic works or anything else they can imagine.

Please take the chance to tell your students about the event, forward the attached PDF, or direct folks to the Challenge web site.