Right place, right time: Patty Loew’s slo-mo of “Michigan goal” goes viral for a good cause

On January 7, a player on the Middleton High School’s varsity hockey team scored a rare “Michigan” goal, in which the puck is scooped up on the flat side of the stick, lifted and flipped back-handed into the net. Patty Loew, professor in the Department of Life Sciences Communications and inveterate sports mom, is a volunteer videographer for Middleton H.S. and happened to be in the perfect place to capture the feat. She edited it in slow motion and uploaded to YouYube. It is now widely linked on hockey websites and was uploaded by the NBC satellite service and sent ito every NBC affiliate.  Yahoo Sports put the video on its main page. Loew has been asking that in exchange, these commercial enterprises make a contribution to a Mozambique community-based journalism program with which she is involved. So far, all have agreed.

“As for being in the right spot at the right time, sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good,” Loew says.  If you want to see the video, here’s the link.  You’ll first see the goal in live action, then in slow motion.