Feed the Future update

Here is information on the on new USAID Bureau for Food Security and related re-org:

1) It will be staffed by 85 people – most  drawn from other units, 10 new

2) It will be comprised of people from the Africa Bureau, all of the Officce of Agriculture, and only the R and D part of EGAT (CRSPs and CGIAR). In addition, subject matter specialists will be added on issues such as nutrition, gender, NRM and climate change. There will be links back to Food for Peace and EGAT. EGAT linkages at the country level will be key to assure econ growth investments are coordinated with what the new bureau is doing.

3) An org chart will be out soon.  As most already know,  the bureau will consist of 3 primary sections- program and budget; R and D; private sector innovation- getting private investment (mostly to drive ag productivity).

USAID is waiting for it’s budget pass back at the moment to see what OMB has to say about available budget for the coming year.

The Bureau is currently reviewing mission strategies against 6 principles, with consideration of how strategies will address the main goals of 1) reducing the prevalence of poverty and 2) reducing the prevalence of underweight children. The six design priciples are:

1) focused choices for most impact
2) defined geo areas in countries
3) market demand driving sustainable change and engaging the private sector
4) cost/benefit analysis to assure scalable change
5) are cross cutting goals addressed- gender, nutrition, climate change; multi sector approach
6) how $ translates into results- need to recognize that some quick wins are needed, but realize that many of these changes take years.