2011 Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment proposal deadlines

The Provost’s office has announced the deadlines for 2011 Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment proposals. Pre-proposals are due to CALS on February 2, 2011. CALS will then secure all required signatures and submit proposals from the college to the Provost’s office by noon on February 9, 2011. Additional details are available on the CALS Research Division website,, and on the Provost’s Office website at

Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment program summary:

This endowment helps foster the Wisconsin Idea, the philosophy that the knowledge and solutions generated at the University benefit the people of Wisconsin, our nation and the world. Proposals are encouraged for new outreach and public engagement activities that partner with community and off-campus organizations to extend and apply our research, education, and clinical knowledge to help solve problems or take advantage of opportunities. Projects may begin on or after July 1, 2011 and last up to three years. Proposals for initiatives up to $120,000 are encouraged. This year, the endowment will grant up to $750,000 through the competition.