Reminder: Policies Affecting Submission of NIH Grant Applications for Due Dates on or after January 25, 2011

NIH recently issued notice NOT-OD-11-021, summarizing reminders of policy changes affecting submissions for the January 25, 2011 due date and thereafter:

Page Limits: The NIH instructs reviewers that they need
not consider inappropriate text or materials that have been placed in
application sections without page limits (e.g., Protection of Human
Subjects), or in the Appendix, as a way to circumvent page limits for
the Research Strategy or other page-limited sections. In egregious
cases, NIH has the authority to withdraw such an application from review
or consideration for funding. See NOT-OD-10-077.

End of two-day correction window: Beginning with due dates on or after
January 25, 2011, NIH will eliminate the error correction window from
the application submission process. This applies to electronic and
paper-based submissions. See NOT-OD-10-123.

NIH policy on post-submission application materials: The NIH restricts
acceptable post-submission materials to those resulting from unforeseen
administrative issues (with exceptions specified for institutional
training mechanisms and certain RFAs). Corrections of oversights/errors
discovered after submission of the application will not be allowed. See

New form requirements: Applications for Career Development,
Institutional Training and Career Development, and Individual National
Research Service Award programs must use new ADOBE-FORMS-B1 packages for deadlines on or after January 25, 2011. Applications for all other NIHprograms requiring electronic submission may use the new forms now, but must use them for due dates of May 7, 2011 and beyond. See NOT-OD-11-007
and NOT-OD-11-008. (Note: The Adobe-Forms-B1 are available in and supported by Cayuse.)

End of the “grandparent” period for legal A2 applications: The last A2
submission (when the A0 application was assigned to August 2009 Council
or before) will be received for the January 7, 2011 AIDS date (May 2011
Council). For October 2012 Council and beyond, no NIH A2 application
will be accepted. See NOT-OD-10-135.

New time limit for NIH resubmission applications: For resubmissions
submitted for the January 25, 2011 due date and after, the NIH will not
accept a resubmission later than thirty-seven months after the date of
receipt of the initial New, Renewal, or Revision application. See