Grass-fed Dairy Tasting Oct. 28 at Arlington

Second Annual Grass-fed Dairy Tasting
10:30 am to 3 pm, Thursday, October 28, 2010
UW Arlington Research Station Public Events Building, N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington

Join us in welcoming Dr. Anjo Elgersma, author of “Fresh Herbage for Dairy Cattle: The Key to a Sustainable Food Chain.” Dr. Elgersma will share information from a decade of research in the Netherlands on the role of fresh pasture in milk and dairy product flavor and composition. We’ll also provide an update on the second year of our three-year study investigating how and why it’s different and how those differences affect products made from grass-fed milk.


  • 10:30 am Welcome & Introductions
  • 10:45 am Overview of the project – Laura Paine & Bert Paris
  • 11:00 am Preliminary data and observations – Dr. Scott Rankin
  • 11:30 pm Comparative tasting and culinary observations – Chefs Leah Caplan & Jack Kaestner
  • 1:00 pm Role of Terroir in Cheesemaking: Lessons from France -Gersende Cazaux, Dairy Business Innovation Center
  • 1:30 pm How Farmers and Forages Affect Dairy Product Quality – Dr. Anjo

For more info: Laura Paine, 608-224-5120 or  download this event flyer.