Road closure update from UW Transportation

N. Park St. and Observatory Dr.: The utility work in North Park St. between University Ave. and the driveway of the State Historical Society is complete. The road has its asphalt binder and will get its finish layer of asphalt on Monday 10/11 with pavement markings to be applied the next day, Tuesday.

The utility work in the portion of Park St. north of Historical Society through the intersections of Langdon St. and Observatory Dr. is complete.  It and the lower portion of Observatory Dr. will be paved on Monday 10/11 with pavement markings to be applied the next day, Tuesday.

By Wednesday, 10/13, N. Park St. will be open to two-way traffic from University Ave. all the way to Lake Mendota and Lot 6. Observatory Dr. will open the same day to one-way traffic westbound.  This will restore the 80 and 85 buses to their regular routes up Observatory Dr.  Traffic conditions will be monitored to see if Observatory Dr. can be reopened to two-way traffic.  The concern is that, without an eastbound outlet on Langdon St., eastbound traffic on Observatory may create congestion on N. Park St.

A lateral utility connection from N. Park St. to the Humanities building will commence about October 15 and will impact Lot 105, but not the street.

Langdon St.: Most of the sidewalk to the south and west of Memorial Union will be complete by Wednesday 10/13. A utility pit at the southwest corner of the Union will still see work but pedestrian access there across Langdon St. will be restored.

Langdon St. work is scheduled to be completed by the end of October allowing two-way traffic to be restored then.  Work in the pits on Langdon and Library Mall will continue until mid-November when this portion of the East Campus Utility Improvement project will end.

Near-Future Utility Work: Connecting the utilities between State St. Mall and Langdon St. will start in the eastern part of Library Mall in late 2010 or early 2011.

Utility connections to buildings in the vicinity of the intersection of Charter St. and Observatory Dr. will start circa spring 2011.  Significant road closures are expected then but plans have not yet been drawn up.