Emergency evacuation drills scheduled for Sept. 21-23

Scheduled emergency evacuation drills will be conducted on the UW-Madison Campus September 21, 22 and 23.  The day and time of evacuation for each building is listedin this memo, but the exact time is not to be pre-announced.  Non-academic building evacuations will take place on September 21; academic buildings September 22, 23.

EH&S, campus police and Madison Fire Department (MFD) personnel will act as monitors on each floor of a building, and it will be necessary to run evacuations throughout class periods.  At the time of the evacuation, faculty members are urged to direct students to an alternate exit, assuming the generally used exit is blocked because of fire or smoke.  Students and staff must be familiar with a second means of exit.  Consult your building’s evacuation route map for alternate routes out of the building.  If your building has yet to receive an evacuation route map, please take time prior to your scheduled evacuation day to locate an alternate way out of the building.

When the fire alarm sounds, we expect, and will appreciate, as complete an evacuation as possible.  The total exercise should not take more than ten minutes.  We regret causing any inconvenience, but your safety comes first!

When leaving a room or building:
1.)  Close windows and doors as a means of preventing the spread of fire.
2.)  Move promptly to an assembly point (An area at least one hundred feet from the building)
3.)  Remain at assembly point until the all clear signal is given, either by EH&S, UWPD or MFD.