LSC offers grad seminar on science communication in 21st Century

The Department of Life Sciences Communication is offering a new one-of-a-kind graduate seminar on science communication in the 21st century.

“LSC in the Lab: Science and Communication Intersections” (LSC 875) is a one-credit interdisciplinary thinking group that will bring together bench and social scientists to explore the connections between processes of scientific knowledge creation, applied communication theory, and public perceptions of science.

The course will meet for an hour weekly and be primarily based on discussions about course activities, which include visits to science labs and communication research groups, as well as visits from speakers. Because lab visits will be an integral part of the course, enrollment is limited to eight students.

The course meets on Wednesdays from 10 am to 11 am. Please direct any questions to one of the graduate student course coordinators, Ashley Anderson ( or Jill Hopke ( You will need to gain consent to sign up for the course by giving your student ID to the course instructor Dominique Brossard (