CALS faculty and staff invited to watch, discuss PBS documentary about lab life

CALS faculty and staff are invited to a viewing of the PBS documentary “Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist” on Tuesday, Aug. 24 from 12-1:30 p.m. in room 1111, Genetics/Biotech building, 425 Henry Mall.

Following the film, Millard Susman, professor emeritus of genetics, will lead a discussion to solicit reactions, as well as ideas about other campus groups that might benefit from watching the video, which is in the UW-Madison library collection.

About the film: The documentary delves into the lab of charismatic professor Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, and follows three irrepressible graduate students on their determined pursuit of a PhD and scientific success. As if the pressure of scientific discovery isn’t enough, the students are also competing in a worldwide race to be the first to publish their findings. Their challenge: to decipher the structure and mechanism of AMPK, a tiny protein that controls the burning and storage of fat. Their road to success: years of trial and error, unflinching dedication, rock-climbing, rumors of pickle juice, and the music of The Flaming Lips.

Although this showing will be primarily for faculty and staff, graduate students and postdocs are welcome to come.

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