Nominations requested for Wisconsin Distinguished Professorships

UW System is inviting nominations for the Wisconsin Distinguished Professors Program. Nominations for external candidates are especially encouraged since there is a vacancy for at least one additional external candidate, as required by the legislature. It is anticipated that UW System will fill three to five vacancies depending on actual funds and corresponding FTE available.

Portfolios of candidates for Wisconsin Distinguished Professorships must be submitted electronically to Cynthia Paine in the UW-Madison provost’s office by Sept. 24. The provost’s office will forward them to the UW System.

The guidelines for Wisconsin Distinguished Professor nomination and review, ACPS 3.4, revised May 2010, are available at Please share these guidelines and this revised budget projection worksheet with the candidate(s) you nominate.

The Wisconsin Distinguished Professor program requires that the award amount from Fund 119 must be matched during the duration of the award by private monies, to be deposited in Fund 182. For the purposes of the “private match,” we will consider funding from all external, i.e. non-Wisconsin-state-government sources. The guidelines (particularly sections I.B. and V.A.1&3) specify that criteria for a distinguished academic record are driven by institutional research expectations appropriate to the nominee’s campus and provide examples of elements of a distinguished academic record. The candidate’s research is expected to have an economic impact in the State of Wisconsin.

If you or your candidate(s) have any questions about compiling the portfolio or about the program, please contact Carmen Faymonville at 608-262-6831 or at