Babcock’s prize-winning cheese artist makes 20 varieties.

If you’re into artisan cheeses and local food, don’t forget that one of the state’s most talented cheese makers is just a block or three away at the Babcock dairy plant. Gary Grossen produces over 20 different varieties of cheese that consistently score high in all competitions entered. This year is especially significant as he placed 2nd in the world for Aged Gouda and 4th in the world for Gouda. “It is really incredible to produce cheese that can win against the most talented artisans in the world” says Gary Grossen. To earn this recognition, Grossen had to successfully compete with cheesemakers from the Netherlands (the country that perfected the art of Gouda Cheese) who regularly take the highest scores in competitions entered.

Grossen enters many other competitions throughout the year including the Wisconsin State Fair, Green County, World Dairy Expo, and the U.S. Championship Contest. He is a Master Cheesemaker in Muenster, Brick, and Cheddar Cheeses and is pursuing the Master Program again for Gouda and Havarti. All of his cheeses can be purchased at the Babcock Hall Dairy Store located at 1605 Linden Drive. You can also buy it online from October 1st-May 1st at

The Babcock store’s signature product also received some good press recently. The store won 3rd place in the ice cream/custard category in the annual Madison Magazine poll this past month.