Important NIH updates: Public access policy changes and others

NIH Public Access Policy Change:

In an effort to encourage and facilitate compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy, PI/PD’s will be expected by NIH to track and store this information in the My Bibliography tool of My NCBI. PI’s MUST create a My NCBI account and link it to their eRA Commons accounts to comply with NIH’s policy and to ensure that bibliography information currently stored in an eRA Commons account will not be lost when the transition is complete. To do this, follow the instructions available at Important dates to remember:

July 23, 2010:

PI’s will no longer be able to enter citations manually into eRA Commons and must use My NCBI’s “My Bibliography” tool to manage their professional bibliographies.

****October 22, 2010****:

All manually entered citations will be removed from the eRA Commons. Any citations that have not been linked to My NCBI’s “My Bibliography” will be lost and must be recreated as of this date.

For more information, see:

NIH Notice NOT-OD-10-103,

How to Create a My NCBI account, access the My Bibliography feature, and link to an eRA Commons account,

Website available to view videos of NIH Grant Review Process

From the CSR website,

“CSR has produced a series of videos to give you an inside look at how scientists from across the country review NIH grant applications for scientific and technical merit.

New and established applicants will find insights and understanding that can empower them to improve the applications and increase their chances for receiving a more positive review.”

New Policy on Post-Submission Application Materials

From NOT-OD-10-091,

Beginning with the September 25, 2010 deadline, NIH will implement a new policy restricting post-submission materials that will be accepted for review. Under the policy, acceptable post-submission materials will include:

  • Revised budget page(s) (e.g., change in budget request due to new funding or institutional acquisition)
  • Biographical sketches (e.g., change in senior/key personnel due to the loss of an investigator)
  • Letters of support or collaboration resulting from a change in senior/key personnel due to the loss of an investigator
  • Adjustments resulting from natural disasters (e.g., loss of an animal colony)
  • Adjustments resulting from change of institution (e.g., PI moved to another university)
  • News of an article accepted for publication

Unacceptable post-submission materials will include:

  • Updated Specific Aims or Research Strategy pages
  • Late-breaking research findings
  • Supplemental pages – information not contained in the existing application
  • New letters of support or collaboration that do not result from a change in senior/key personnel due to the loss of an investigator