CALS did well in second round of Madison Initiative funding

CALS was quite successful in the second round of projects funded through the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates. Three of the 15 projects accepted came from CALS programs. They include:

  • A proposal to increase TA Resources in CALS.
  • Building Excellence in Natural Resources and the Environment, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • An educational initiative in global public health, CALS.

The impact of these programs will be considerable. For example, the proposal to increase TA resources will add 16 half-time TA positions. The college currently has 6.8 full-time equivalent TA positions, so the MIU funding will more than double the number of TAS in the college. Undergraduate Programs and Services is looking for proposals for assistantships for that funding. For details, see this separate post.

The Madison Initiative for Undergraduates, approved last spring, involves a supplemental tuition charge to be phased in during the next four years to improve the quality and long-term value of undergraduate education while making it affordable to all. The initiative uses funding from the tuition charge to add faculty and instructional support in high-demand areas, increase access to high-impact educational practices and improve vital student services. It will also significantly increase need-based financial aid by matching the tuition revenues devoted to financial aid with private fundraising.

More information on the accepted proposals will follow.