A thank-you to faculty and staff for supporting new curriculum plan

Dear CALS Faculty and Staff:

Today was a historic day for the college, and we are writing to thank you for your commitment to advancing our mission through your support for curricular innovation.

Our curriculum committee worked very hard this year to come forward with a proposal for a revised B.S. degree and a streamlined path for our students. Our governance groups, departments, and individuals throughout the college took up the matter with great seriousness and thoughtful debate. The culmination of these conversations was our all-college meeting today, at which the motion to distill the four B.S. degrees into a single B.S. degree passed with strong support from the faculty.

Shared governance is a hallmark of the the University of Wisconsin and one that has brought great outcomes to this campus. It also, however, requires a substantial effort on the part of the governed. To that end, we are grateful for your participation in this year-long process, and we look forward to the implementation of a new degree structure for this college as it enters its one hundred and twenty second year.


Sarah Pfatteicher, John Stier, and Irwin Goldman