Animal health reporting presentation for PIs and staff on animal protocols

For All PIs on Animal Protocols and their Laboratory Staff:

In response to the site inspections by NIH and the USDA, the CALS ACUC Chair, Dr. Benevenga, and our Program Veterinarians, Dr. Jim Brown (non-ag species) and Dr. Mike Maroney (ag species), request your presence at an informational meeting presented by the RARC staff. Health reporting is a very important component of a well run Animal Care Program and this meeting will cover our response to the concerns raised from the site inspection.

There will be a short power point presentation on why, when, and how to report changes in the health status of your animals used in research. After the presentation there will be 30 minutes available for question and answers. Dr. Brown, Dr. Maroney and Dr. Benevenga will be present to answer the questions along with the help of other key RARC staffers. Share this information with your laboratory staff, we request all individuals that work with animals in our college to be in attendance.

Cheryl Deering, CALS Research Division, has made the following arrangements for this presentation, please use the link to register for one of the following times:

Wednesday, March 17th: 10am – 11am in Room 1220 (Ebling Symposium Center) at the Microbial Sciences Building, 1550 Linden Drive


Monday, March 22nd: 2pm – 3pm in Room 1111 (Auditorium) at the Biotechnology Center, 425 Henry Mall

Thank you in advance for your time and participation.