CALS requests Wisconsin Agricultural and Food Systems research, teaching and outreach proposals

CALS is pleased to announce a request for proposals for agricultural and food systems research, teaching and outreach projects. The base source for the available funding is a special grant to the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Agriculture. The overarching goal of this unique competitive grants program is to encourage multi-disciplinary research, teaching and outreach innovation that will stimulate new programs and leverage additional resources in the area of food and agricultural systems, while respecting the diversity of Wisconsin agriculture as one of our greatest strengths. Proposals are encouraged that:

  1. Are multi-disciplinary and implement a systems approach to the study of food and agricultural production throughout the supply chain.
  2. Stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial relationships within and beyond UW-Madison.
  3. Heavily involve stakeholders, including but not limited to growers, food processors, retailers, public agencies, non-government organizations, and citizens.
  4. Include undergraduate and/or graduate student learning experiences.
  5. Involve place-based learning, beyond the laboratory or research station and in conjunction with stakeholders, when appropriate.
  6. Are focused on current issues or opportunities in Wisconsin agriculture and food production.
  7. Are based on our current collective strengths, but add value beyond current efforts.

For more information on this opportunity, please read the full call for proposals. Proposals may be submitted by those with principal investigator status in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, but collaboration across colleges is encouraged. Proposals will be evaluated by members of the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Agriculture steering committee, which is comprised of faculty and staff (50%) and external stakeholders (50%). Funding duration will be 12 months. It is anticipated that 3 projects will be chosen in this round. Funding for these projects is contingent on final approval by USDA-NIFA.

WISA Full Call for Proposals
WISA call for proposals on Research Division website

Proposals due to CALS Research Division by 5pm on February 24, 2010 (All proposals must have departmental approval and be routed through WISPER as with any other submission.).

Jed Colquhoun
Director of Agricultural Systems Programming,
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
(608) 890-0980