New reports look at Mexico’s future as a market for U.S. dairy exports

The Babcock Institute has published it’s final Discussion Paper of 2009 titled “The Dairy Sector of Mexico: A Country Study” by W.D. Dobson and E.V. Jesse. Mexico is a large and growing market for U.S. dairy exports, taking more than one-quarter of total foreign sales of U.S. dairy products over the five-year period 2004-08. Mexico’s proximity to the U.S. allows quick and relatively inexpensive market access by truck and rail, and the elimination of all tariffs on dairy products through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) gives a strong competitive edge to U.S. suppliers. The purpose of this report is to evaluate how this important market is likely to evolve over time and identify related opportunities for U.S. exporters to benefit from market growth and other changes.

This Discussion Paper has an associated International Dairy Notes issue titled “Will Mexico Become More Self-Sufficient in Milk Production?” by W.D. Dobson. Both of these new Babcock Institute publications are available as free downloads from the Institute’s website.