CALS coffee and Ag Hall open office hour – Thursday, Jan. 14

This month’s CALS coffee hour takes place on January 14 from 8:30 a.m. Three things are different about this month’s get-together:

It falls on a Thursday.

It takes place on the second floor of Ag Hall, in Room 240 (turn left at the top of the stairs)

It will be followed by the first-ever CALS administration “open office hour.” This is a chance for you to stop by to ask questions and put faces to names of people you may so far have met only via email, phone or memo. The red carpet will be out in these locations:

1st floor:

  • Undergraduate Programs and Services – Rm. 116
  • Communication Program – Rm. 136
  • Dean’s office – Rm. 140
  • CALS Extension – Rm. 146

2nd floor:

  • Business Services – Rm. 205
  • Administrative Computing – Rm. 216
  • Human Resources – Rm. 240
  • Research Division – Rm. 240