The federal budget and funding for international activities

Congress passed a $446.8 billion FY10 Omnibus Appropriations measure, including $48.76 billion for the FY10 State, Foreign Operations Appropriations bill.  That bill included funding for several priorities that IDACC, A.P.L.U. and the Livingston Group have been aggressively pursuing.  The key provisions include:

Collaborative Research Support Program – CRSPs get $31.5 million.  (We asked for $32 million).  The House passed $31, the Senate $32 and they split the House/Senate difference.  The FY09 bill provided $29 million.

Africa Higher Education.- Report language provides $15 million for partnerships between U.S. and Sub-Sahara African higher education institutions, as embodied by the Africa U.S. Higher Education Initiative.  The funding is provided within the context of expanded support for higher education globally.

The conference report language is as follows:

“The conference agreement provides not less than $200,000,000 for higher education programs in this Act, of which not less than $25,000,000 shall be for such programs in Africa, as proposed by the Senate. The conferees believe that higher education partnerships between American and African institutions of higher education should be expanded and $15,000,000 is provided for this purpose, as proposed by the Senate, which shall be awarded in an open and competitive process in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.”

By way of comparison, for FY 09, $133 million was provided for higher education and no funding for partnerships.  The Administration’s FY10 Request included $188 million for higher education and only $2.4 million for all of Sub Saharan Africa.  There was no request for partnership funding.

Global Health and Child Survival: The bill includes $7.78 billion overall, $440 million above present spending and $184 million above the request. Within that amount Bilateral HIV/AIDS programs (PEPFAR) – $5.71 billion

Development Assistance – $2.5 billion, $720 million above total FY09 spending and $214 million above the request.

Food Security and Agriculture Development – $1.2 billion, $193 million below the President’s request, but $698 million above FY09 spending.

Peace Corps – $400 million, $27 million above the request and $60 million above FY09 spending.

Millennium Challenge Corporation – $1.105 billion, which effectively splits the difference between the House and Senate allocations. The amount is $320 million below the request, but $230 million above present spending.