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UW’s new international e-newsletter features Doug Maxwell’s “tomato diplomacy”

Wisconsin Worldview., the UW’s new online newsletter for alumni and friends, was launched this week by the Division of International Studies and the Wisconsin Alumni Association. These pages are intended to create a venue to share international news and opportunities related to UW-Madison. Prominently featured on the new site is a story on an international partnership led by Doug Maxwell, CALS Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology. The story, titled Tomato Diplomacy in the Middle East, by CALS science writer Nicole Miller, originally appeared in the winter 20009 issue of Grow magazine. Wisconsin Worldview’s editor is eager for contributions and ideas. Given the scope of CALS international activites, she’s expecting plenty from the college.

The mission of the new initiative is described in this letter from WAA president Paula Bonner and Gilles Bousquet, Dean of the Division of International Studies:

As our world gets smaller, we see more than ever just how strong and wide-reaching UW’s global community is. Today, more than 15,000 of 350,000 UW-Madison alumni live outside the United States, with the majority of overseas grads living in Asia and Europe.

If you’re reading this message, chances are you’re one of them.

During our travels we hear time and time again how the UW experience has shaped and enriched the lives of our alumni. When we visit one of the 70-plus alumni chapters around the world — from Taipei to London, Shanghai to Sheboygan — we can see just how far Badger pride and spirit goes!

It’s not surprising when you consider that UW-Madison is consistently ranked among the top 20 research universities worldwide. For generations it has earned top-notch accolades in international education and research, whether it’s counted in Fulbright awards, students studying abroad, or the record number of graduates who volunteer in the Peace Corps each year.

Our alumni overseas are a diverse group, from ex-pats to returned international students, engineers to ambassadors, with this commonality: You’re all Badgers and you’ve all seen the world from Wisconsin and now Wisconsin from the world.

Through social networking and myriad conversations, you’ve told us it’s time to create a virtual space where UW-Madison’s global community can interact with the university and each other and keep up with UW news, faculty, students and alumni. That’s why we created Wisconsin Worldview.

In this inaugural issue, you can read about “global competence” in an article that first appeared in the June 2009 issue of On Wisconsin Magazine or learn how a UW emeritus professor is helping to grow stronger tomatoes — and partnerships — in the Middle East. This is your newsletter and we hope you’ll join in our global conversation.