CALS academic staff urged to weigh in on research reorganization

Dear Members of the CALS Academic Staff Community:

As you are likely aware, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the proposed research reorganization on campus. The college is seeking input from faculty, staff and students on this very important issue. As your elected representative to the Academic Planning Council (APC), I am requesting that you consider this topic and share your thoughts and comments. Comments from all members of academic staff are of value, but input from those of you involved in grant-funded research and those of you working as research scientists is of particular interest.

Please send your comments to me via email by noon on Wednesday November 18th so that I may share them at our next APC meeting.

A number of town hall meetings that specifically addressed this issue have been recorded by video and are posted at Please also see these documents: Ad Hoc committee charge and ResearchStructure.

Thank you very much for taking the time to study and comment on this issue during what is surely a very challenging time of the semester.

Monica Theis