Some ideas for engaging students in a large lecture class – Nov. 18

You are invited to the November session of “Teaching Adventures and Outcomes,” given by Dave Abbott, and hear about his twist on large lecture quizzing, group work, opportunities to write and receive feedback. He’ll show video clips of the class!

“Working Toward Timely Student Engagement in a Large Lecture Class”
David Abbott, Professor, Dept. of Ob/Gyn, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Wednesday, November 18
Rm 117, 445 Henry Mall (Old Genetics)

An in-class and on-line series of three learning exercises/quizzes were developed to improve timely engagement of undergraduate students in Introductory Biology 151/152. For the in-class portion, students were faced with progressively increasing challenges in multiple choice format, culminating with higher-order synthesis, analysis and application questions. The final question, presented on-line, was open-ended and required a short written response. Moodle Feedback Manager allowed for semi-individualized feedback from the instructor to each student. This series of activities gave students early practice with future exam-like challenges in a supportive environment that included their fellow classmates and teaching staff. Videos of an interactive classroom, student outcomes, and instructor perceptions will be shared. The progressive series of learning activities allowed students to develop a level of comfort with online work-assessment technology.

Teaching Adventures and Outcomes is a monthly forum for sharing the experience and results of efforts in teaching and learning among faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students. This forum is a collaborative effort of Academic Technology, CALS Council on Teaching and Learning, Center for Biology Education, Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning, Engineering Learning Center, UW Teaching Academy and the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching.