Deadline info for Draper (TIF) and IEDR proposals

CALS Research Division has had a number of questions about the processing of some grant competitions (i.e. graduate school, provost office, UW System, and so forth). The following will outline how applications will be handled by CALS.

All applications (regardless of what the instructions state) should be routed to the CALS Research Division with a WISPER record.

Since many of the competitions require original signatures, the completed application with all signatures, except for the division signature, should be delivered to the CALS Research Division at least one week prior to the due date listed in the proposal instructions.

Upon receipt, the applications will be reviewed for submission. Upon approval, units will be contacted to pick up and complete the delivery of the submission.

Draper Technology Innovation Fund (TIF)
Due to CALS Research Division: October 19
Graduate School Due Date: October 26
Short Title in WISPER: Draper 09-10

Innovation & Economic Development Research Program (IEDR)
Due to CALS Research Division: November 13
Graduate School Due Date: November 20
Short Title in WISPER: IEDR 10-11

These funding opportunities can be found at:

Becky Bound, (608) 265-8443 or
Vince Borleske, (608) 890-3180 or