Final week to register for Biotechnology Vision Summit

2009 Biotechnology Vision Summit – Final week to register!
October 7, 2009; Madison Marriott West, Middleton WI
Hosted by: BioForward

Join biotechnology leaders in a full day of informative and thought provoking sessions and discussions on the vision for biotechnology in the 2010s:

  • Network with leaders from a variety of organizations including GE Healthcare, Roche, Monsanto, Medtronic, Virent, Life Technologies, Exact Sciences, Boston Healthcare, Cellectar and more . . .
  • Hear the views of industry experts on healthcare economics and the funding landscape
  • Hear keynote speaker Mark P. Stevenson, President and COO, Life Technologies
  • Discuss emerging trends in life science tools, drug and diagnostic development, bioagriculture . . .
  • Gain insights from industry leaders on the challenges and opportunities in biotech in the 2010s

Registration Fees: Faculty/Staff ($175), Students ($75)

More information: 608-236-4693