CALS in the News – Sept. 7-11

CALS in the News
News about or of interest to CALS faculty and staff…

Tillage talk: Expo returns after nearly a decade
Country Today 9/9/2009 (subscription) Pg 5A
Mentioned: Brian Holmes, Biological Systems Engineering
Mentioned: Dick Wolkowski, Soil Science

College’s department drops ‘rural’ from name
Country Today 9/2/2009 (subscription) Pg 6B
Quoted: Daniel Kleinman, Community and Environmental Sociology

Class III milk price shows improvement

Country Today 9/9/2009 (subscription) Pg 7C
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Ag & Applied Economics (emeritus)

Official: Milk price could rise this year

Country Today 9/9/2009 (subscription) Pg 5C
Quoted: Brian Gould, Ag & Applied Economics

Welcome mat is out at Garden Door
Country Today 9/9/2009 (subscription) Pg D1
Mentioned: Peninsular Agricultural Research Station
Quoted: Dick Weidman, Superintendent

Agronomist tracks reasons for ‘year of the yellow soybean
Wisconsin State Farmer 8/31/2009
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Registration open for inaugural Women’s Ag Leadership Summit
Wisconsin State Farmer 8/31/2009
Mentioned: Gabriela Cezar, Animal Science
Mentioned: Molly Jahn, Dean, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Putting up top-quality corn silage
Wisconsin State Farmer 8/31/2009
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

Planting Saved Wheat Seed Not Recommended

Agri-View 9/11/2009
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Special Considerations For 2009/10 Wheat

Agri-View 9/11/2009
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

SDS, BSR, White Mold: Have a Look at Your Beans
Agri-View 9/11/2009
Quoted: Paul Esker, Plant Pathology

USDA’S Chief Economist to Speak at UW-Madison Sept. 24
Agri-View 9/11/2009
Mentioned: Joe Glauber, PHD ’84 – Agricultural Economics

UW Students Learn Marketing Through Badger Production Sale

Agri-View 9/11/2009
Quoted: Dave Thomas, Animal Science

Downy Mildew Impacting Onions

Agri-View 9/3/2009
Quoted: Alvin Bussan, Horticulture

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers make progress in fight vs. potato blight
Wisconsin State Journal 9/9/2009
Mentioned: David Schwartz, Genetics

Curiosities: Can good-tasting food also be good for you?

Wisconsin State Journal 9/6/2009
Quoted: Franco Milani, Food Science

Of Interest

Big Food vs. Big Insurance
The New York Times 9/9/2009

Monsanto’s 2010 Profit to Drop on Roundup Herbicide ‘Implosion’

Bloomberg 9/10/2009

Recession drives U.S. restaurateurs, diners to trucks
Reuters 9/8/2009

Taking the bite, but not the zing, from cranberries
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 9/8/2009