Watch for eCALS 2.0

After 34 months, nearly 2,800 announcements and a lot of good feedback from CALS faculty and staff, the CALS communication staff is making some key changes to eCALS. On August 20 we’ll begin to introduce some features that will help you get information to CALS faculty and staff more quickly and effectively. Those changes will include:

A new look online. The eCALS home page will be a news page rather than a blog

A post-it-yourself approach to newsgathering. Instead of emailing your announcement to an eCALS editor, you’ll put it up yourself, eliminating the time lag.

  • If you contribute regularly, we’ll encourage you to sign up as a “contributor.” This will let give you access to the editing screens, meaning you’ll have more formatting control and can return to edit and update (we’ll show you how). Our most prolific contributor, the CALS research division, has been doing this for over a year now, and it’s worked well for all involved.
  • For occasional contributors, there will be a “post announcements” link on the eCALS screen. This option offers less formatting and editing control, but it’s simpler.

A CALS calendar — basically a CALS-specific version of the UW Events Calendar.

Earlier, more frequent emails. After we get the new web format up and running, we’ll turn our attention to the eCALS emails. The plan is to send them out earlier in the week — probably late on Monday — and send them every week rather than every other.

If you have questions, send them to or call Bob Mitchell at (608) 262-3172.