Ag and biological engineers honor Scott Sanford for energy conservation work

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers has named Scott Sanford winner of the 2009 Rural Electricity Resource Council Electric Technology Award.  Sanford, a senior outreach specialist in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, was recognized for his contributions to the development and implementation of energy-efficient technologies for agriculture.

Sanford’s applied research includes finding new methods and equipment for conserving energy on farms.  He provides support for the agricultural program of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy, the state’s energy efficiency program.  He has led a team that developed the USDA-NRCS web-based energy self-assessment tools for energy conservation and renewable energy.  The team developed tools for dairy farms, greenhouses, irrigation systems, potato storage facilities, grain drying, ventilation, energy-free livestock water fountains and general lighting applications. The renewable energy self-assessment tools include solar PV, solar water heating, biogas, biomass combustion and wind.  These tools could potentially be used with the ASABE standard on energy auditing of agricultural facilities that is under development.

Sanford teaches a course on Agricultural Energy Management, that covers electrical wiring in agricultural buildings, high-efficiency lighting, motors and energy efficiency for dairy farms, irrigation systems and grain drying and renewable energy for solar, wind and anaerobic digesters.  As part of his outreach program he has authored or coauthored numerous publications, articles and extension bulletins.  He is involved in developing educational materials on greenhouse energy conservation for educators for use in workshops and curricula and has provided educational programming and presentations for university extension agents on various energy-related topics.